DNA-1 SMc A/B mods: More laid back?

I have read the smattering of older posts here concerning SMc's mods to the McCormack DNA amps. The reports have been very favorable in terms of improving the top end, imaging, and bass. However, I've also heard (from one other person) that the DNA becomes much more laid back with the Rev A/B mods. I'm considering upgrading my DNA-1 to Rev. A or B, but I'm concerned the mod may make my system too laid back. (My DNA currently drives Khorus through Golden Cross -- the presentation is just about where I want it now.) I won't be able to try before I buy. Another option would be to buy a different amp. For those of you who've spent time with a DNA-1.A or 1.B, I would be very grateful for your thoughts about how the SMc upgrades change overall presentation of the amp. Also, for those of you who have not posted your impressions of your modified DNAs before, I would also like to hear what you think of the overall benefits of having the DNA reworked by SMc. Anything you didn't like about the mods? What was the biggest performance gain in your system? Thanks, Don
It will be ever-so-slightly more laid back but the other enhancements are worth it.
I had my DNA-1 upgraded with the B mod, which I feel is the most cost effective. A very noticeable difference with a liitle more tube like sound. I also upgraded my ALD-1 pre amp with a similar results.
The most obvious improvement I noticed with the rev. B mod was that everything sounded smoother, less grainy. In short, it was more musically satisfying. Definetly worth doing, a significant improvement to an already very good amp.
I bought my old dna-1 with the rev A already done. It was a wonderful solid state amp. Very very powerful with the signature DNA pronounced bass. I preferred this amp to the sound of the krell fpb series and older levinson 27 series. I had heard dna's several times before, and I think what the A rev gave it was a clearer, more transparent sound with a little less 'haze'. There was still a little, tiny bit of haze compared to my pass labs amps which replaced it, but so does every other solid state amp. Best bass I've ever gotten out of an amp. One of the best amps out there. Period! Also, if you are running Vandersteens, this is the best match I've ever heard, solid state or tube. Interestingly enough, I would say it's general sound is closer to a vt100 than anything else. Didn't have the tube magic or pure midrange, but did have the gutsy bass mixed with a sense of presence.