DMB live tracks 2008

So this is one of my favorite albums. I had a CD and for the life of me I cannot find my copy to load on my innuos. I have searched online, in multiple large used record stores and for an online digital copy. No luck. I only have an mp3 version which quality wise is mp3. If anyone has a copy they want to sell or rent to me I would be oh so happy 
Thanks for looking thru your collection

I don't have a copy but FYI have what appears to be all of the live trax releases in CD quality.

They had a really cheap annual subscription a month or so back like $12 or something so I signed up.

They probably have a free trial where you could likely transfer the files you need.

The live at Red Rocks DMB release is also very good sounding...
Album is also available on Tidal
Thanks!  I will check out mugs and I do have Tidal.  I wouldn't mind having a copy also for anyone who might have one to rent/sell.