DLP vs Plasma/LCD

I was just about ready to plunk down $4k for a Panasonic 42" plasma. I was at my brother's tonight watching the Olympics on his 42" Pioneer plasma (HD transmission,) when he tells me that I should go with a DLP for my bedroom, rather than the plasma. He claims the picture is much better and they cost less. I wasn't even considering a DLP because I didn't think it would fit in my bedroom. (being to deep) He says they make some, now, that are only a few inches deeper/wider than a plasma. Any takers? Is the DLP the way to go? If so, can anyone recommend one with killer picture quality, and relatively thin? thanks in advance. warren
You too, Warren?
I had the box installed yesterday also and yeah, Im freaking out also :^) This is more fun than audio!
I forgot to ask the tech if we can receive dolby 5.1 through the box.
Have you tried the Audio Magic power conditioner yet?
Let the obsession for the perfect picture begin!
Emil, that Audio Magic will happen, but with Christmas and dropping some big $$, I may have to wait awhile. Maybe a month...lol...Hopefully I'll find a used one on the 'gon, but that usually takes forever. I'm grooving and am looking forward to the ISF calibration next month. I'll keep ya posted....

remember those Thiel 1.5s way back when? whattayaknow...
I am begining to think power conditioning makes a bigger difference with video than with audio. Heck you can use one of those Monster PC/surge protects with an entry level tube TV and get great color and clarity improvements.
Went with the Shunyata Hydra 2. Waiting for delivery. Would prefer AM, but the price was right. Shunyata has a great rep.
Hi Warren,
I am looking at getting exactly the HL-P4674W that you just bought. What did you pay for it and where did you get it (if you don't mind).

Rgds, Larry