DLP projectors

The Sharp z9000 vs the Yamaha DLP?? Who wins??
Go to www.projectorcentral.com or www.avsforum.com

The best place for great reviews on projectors is the AVS forum.....http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/

If you do not see a current topic on your projectors, do a search. There have been a dozen threads in the past month on these two projectors. You can also purchase from AVS at very good prices, with support. They are excellent and I am not affiliated with them at all. Its simply an excellent forum with "real" end user information and experiences on all aspects of home theater.
If you plan to watch widescreen movies and Hi-Def in widescreen then the Sharp is the winner. When you watch Hi-Def in widescreen on the Yamaha the resolution that goes into the bars at the top and bottem of the screen is lost.
The "hot list" among dlp shoppers right now seems to consist of the Sharp 9000, the Marantz (#?), the Sim2 Seleco HT300 and the forthcoming Dwin Transvision 2.
Please visit avsforum.com Everything is there. Cheers, Cyrus