dlp projectors

What do you think about dlp projectors for a 12x18 room. Probably a 40x80 screen. Specifically the Davis dlp's. This will be a dedicated room in the basement w/ no windows. thanks, ed
I still do not like the picture quality of dlp projectors. Rear projection tv, as much as I hate the 300 pound sets, are still a lot better. If you major concern is a larger picture and you are happy with the quality of single chip dlp projectors, it should be a good choice. Toshiba also has just produced a new projector but I think it is LCD. If I were you, I take a look at it as well as Toshiba usualy pushes the price/performance ratio to the maxium.
The Seleco HT 200 and HT 250 are the newest DLPs on the market... in fact dealers are still waiting in line for their demos. Designed from the ground up for HT. A beautiful picture. It lists for 8995. Scaler is built in.... I was impressed! Was it as good as a $35,000 CRT? No! Was it great picture? Yes! I had a chance to see it for 5 minutes at Delve Audio. Saving my pennies now.