I am seeking a DLP Projector with a long throw capability (~21 feet) For use in dedicated Theater room (16' x 22') with a 110" 16:9 Stewart Studiotek 130 screen. Use of theater is DVD and HDTV. Budget: <$8000
My Toshiba 52Hm95 DLP constantly humms. It donsn't sound like feed back, more like somthing rattling. I have had to replace two lamps in only 8 months.

I had the same problem. My room is very long. The only one i was able to find was Runco and Sony. At the time Sony was around $30.000 and Runco was $20.000. I ended up buying Runco for $18.000, it was about a year or 2 ago, great projectot though. Better be for the money, lol. May be these days they go cheaper or you could find used one. You can see pics in my Virtual system. http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?vhome&1169014452