DLNA Renderers: Sonore Rendu vs Moon Mind?

Wondering if anyone has done a compare of these 2? I am using the OPPO 103 as a DLNA renderer now feeding a Metrum Octave, excellent mid range but less ideal at the low bass and highest octaves. The Oppo 105 doesn't offer any improvements in DLNA digital out performance which is what I want. Both are around same price ($1300)
I got a brief listen to the Moon MiND at a dealer and was less than impressed but who knows, their controller setup may have been not so hot. The Naim Network Player options on the other hand were worth some excitement but at a much higher price for far more than just a renderer..
Try Rivulet by Musica Pristina. I own their server and it performs extraordinary. Much, much better then my Esoteric K-01 Transport (obviously the same Esoteric DAC). If I ever would need DLNA Renderer or Streamer - I most certianly would go to them first to check. I believe they have a home trial.
I suggest investigate a tube MowWright Oppo 105 and use as a DMP/DMR. Go wired if possible over wireless. You simplify without needing an external DAC, extra PC, digital cable ... save $$ and better sound? IMO, DLNA is the way to go.
Sigh, if only the 105 supported gapless as a DMR. I'd love to go that path
Davide256, In my case, media server determines gapless or not. eLyrics music manager is gapless and Logitech media server is not. What Media Server do you use?
The Oppo 103 and 105 used as a DMR don't support gapless instructions.Lots of posts on Oppo forums bemoaning this gapless issue. I run Windows server 2012 with JRMC as media controller for the Oppo.
I understand if used as a DMR ... Oppo controlling/pulling the data. But if used as a DMP, the Media Server is pushing the data from the computer so has control?

I guess gapless is very important to you if willing to spend extra $$ with additional complications. :-)