DL110 tracking question

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a Technics SL-1200 as well as a Denon DL-110. It has been a great improvement in sound over my previous system; however there seems to be some tracking problems that I am unsure how to resolve or even diagnose.

The problem is that on many LPs the balance is off, making the right channel louder than the left. On some LPs it is fine, but it seems almost every other LP I put on has channel balance issues. It is not a problem listening through the speakers so much, but is very annoying if trying to listen through headphones or transfer to my computer.

I have tried adjusting the position of the cartridge, forwards, back, side ot side, etc. Also re-adjusted anti skating and weight...it is at 2.1g with anti skate of 3.

Any help is appreciated.
Sounds like you may have the anti skate not jelling with your downforce weight..Try bringing your anti skate down to around 2 and adjust from there...I would continue to try that until you have exhausted that idea..I am sure it could be soemthing else .............Good luck