DL103 Nude-ing Instruction?

I'm trying a DL103 on my Well Tempered Simplex and wow, great sound. Much better for me than the DV20x2L that it replaced. I'm wondering if anyone could post a link to Nude-ing instructions for the DL103? I want to give it a try before I start thinking about moving up the Denon line with the DL103r and various wood/aluminum bodies. I think the real difference after some careful listening between the Denon and the Dynavector is that the Denon sounds more like people playing instruments. I think while not as extended on the low end, it reproduces the music much better in the areas where the melody lies. Very happy. If you haven't tried a DL103, try one.
Picked up a Denon DP31L in pretty good shape a few years back. Purchased a Grado Green cartridge and a Pro-ject phono preamp and was not thrilled by it and put it aside for awhile. Recently came across some of my old vinyl from the late 60's/70's (CSNY, Procol Harum, King Crimson, Alice Cooper, etc) in pretty decent shape no less. Picked up a Denon DL 301 and a Musical Fidelity phono preamp and I am back in the vinyl saddle again. Very impressive. Agree with your comments.

This youtube video goes into sufficient detail to replace the stock body with a wooden one.


Note that once the body is removed, it appears necessary to mount the 103 into some kind of body or plate since the there is no other practical way to attach to the headshell.
Thanks. The youtube video is great. I'm trying to source the plate now. Nothing on Google so far.
Thanks again!!! That video made it SO easy. Took like 10 mins. Attached it to a brass plate i got at a hobby store and drilled holes in. It's really awesome sounding! Highly recommend.
The sound is not even comparable. Way more open and detail but still retaining it's overall warm character. The EMT TDS15 is a similar nude cartridge and they share a lot of the same characteristics but the Denon's about 15% of the price. EMT is way better but the Denon is VERY listenable. I could have live with it had I not had a good year at work :)