DL-103 compatible with AA Puccini SE MC phono?

My integrated amp, an Audio Analogue Puccini SE, has an internal MM and MC phono stage. Can I run a LOMC cartridge (I'm thinking specifically of the DL-103 or 103R) directly into the amp, without a stand-alone SUT? If so, can anyone comment on the potential match between my particular amp's MC phono stage and the DL-103? From the amp's published specs, the MC impedance is 100 ohms and the nominal input sensitivity is 1mVrms. Sorry for the basic questions, but I've only run MM and HOMC cartridges,never a LOMC cartridge.

I think so…so long as your MC gain is at least 58db. I run a denon 103 on vtl 2.5 with mc phono stage that is 58db gain - but thats on the edge unless you very sensitive speakers (93+).
hey man, just checked the specs on your amp - the 103/103r should be a good match...