DL 103

What is the bestway to amplify the DL 103? My system consist of Audible Illusions M3A,Quicksilver V4,Spendor S8E,VPI MKIV with all the extras,RB 300 with all the upgrades.
If I remember correctly your Audible Illusions pre already have a MM phono section, you can add a step up transformer or get a MC phono preamp to amplify the signal. Look for a used Musical Fidelity phono which can be had for less than $250 here on Audiogon. There are many excellent phono preamp that's affordable, no need to buy the latest model.
If you have a phono stage then look at the Bob's Devices SUT, I have one as well as a 103. See the review in 10 AUDIO on line as well as recent one in Stereophile.
One of the Auditorium 23 transformers.
I use a pair of CineMag CMQEE-3440A step ups with my DL103. I think that these are used in some of Bob's Devices SUTs. There is an in depth wright up over at The Analog Department on the DL103 and CMQEE-3440A. Look in the Articles and Reviews section. I think that it is an article titled "MC step up devices part 1" or something along that line.
any of the Denon (AU 320,340) transformers or Highphonic (TP 6) units....
From what I understand, the Auditorium 23 was voiced around the DL-103 and is an excellent match. The problem is they don't come up used very often and they're quite expensive new. 6Moons raved about them in this review.

For commoners like me, the Cinemag CMQEE-3440A is much more affordable, yet very nice sounding. If you're into DIY projects, you can build a Cinemag SUT for less than $200. Or you can buy an assembled unit from Bob's Devices for $395. 10 Audio reviewed Bob's SUT last year. Art Dudley also commented on Bob's SUT in Stereophile and liked it better than Lundahls. He also mentions Auditorium 23.

One more link that might be of interest: CineMag CMQEE-3440A Other Review by anumber1
Thanks so much for your input guys. Does anyone know about the auditorium 23 standard which is very affordable new or is this just a sut and not a phono preamp.

I do, that's why I recommended it. SUT only.

The EAR 834P is a nice tube phono stage with built in SUT if you are looking for an all-in-one unit. If buying used, they also made the same phono stage without SUT, so be sure which you are getting.
"Thanks so much for your input guys. Does anyone know about the auditorium 23 standard which is very affordable new or is this just a sut and not a phono preamp".

The A23 SUT you would want is their lowest price offering,
called the Denon 103. The A23 (Denon 103) is synergistic w/ the 103 and other higher impedance cartridges. I use mine w/ an EMT tsd-15.
If you use the auditorium as sut only what is the phono preamp you would recomend for this sut and dl103.

Dave, isn't there a really good phono stage built right into your Audible Illusions preamp? I would use that in a heartbeat!

I agree with Marty. The built-in phono stage of the Modulus is excellent. You just need a SUT between it and your TT.