dk design vs1 mkII output problem

Hi I am new in this forum and I am readind your article since over a year . I have a question and I didn't saw any informations about my question : I have a DK design integrated amps and I have a
problem with my output ,my left channel have less output (50%) than my right channel . I tested my output with my mutltimeter and I have 50 % on reading ( right to left channel )I changed my tubes ( I have 3 differents sets ) and nothing change . I wrote an e-mail to the canadian distributor and didn't received any responce after that I e-mail directly to the DK website and I also didn't received any responce . I checked on internet for instruction(or service) manual and I don't find anything so I try with you guys maybe somebody could help me
Have you tried the reversing inputs from your source. It may not be the Integrated.
Hi' yes I tried it and I also swiched my input ( left to right ) and I know it's my integrated because when I tested my output with my multimeter and my amps was on but it was no source, just the power on that why I know it's my amps. A friend of mine is comming tomorrow ( it's a electromecanical )he will check all my connection and verify also for broken wires or resistance .
If he find something I will be happy to share with you.
Hello, Have you found the answer to your left channel problem? My left channel cuts out from time to time for no apparent reason. I, too, have tried using different tubes. Thanks!
hello dome of you have fixed this issue?