DK Design MkIII and Vandersteen 2Ce Signature II

I've read some comments about the DK MkIII and the Vandersteens but, specifically, what do you think of the compatibility between their "personalities"? Also, is the MkIII's 18 amps at peak current enough to bring the best out of the Vandys?
I am a vandy 2CE signature owner. While i have not heard the combo that you are asking about, I did hear an MK2 next to a McCormack 125 and really liked the up front sound of the DK. I had a McCormack DNA-1 at one time with my Vandys. In hindsight, I would have chosen the DK.
Eagleman6722 - Thanks for your input. Very helpful as I've noticed a number of Vandys/McCormack combos in AudiogoN's archives. I'm still concerned about the current issue for the Vandys so I'm looking now more at the MF A5. With 75 amps of current, I would guess it would do fine with the Vandys... Any thoughts on the current issue with the Vandys Sig II?