Dk design mkii or musical fidelity A308 for KEF

I'm having KEF reference 203,and looking for integrated amp that fit in my budget within $1000 -$1500,narrow it for Dk mkii,musical fidelity A308 .both rated 150 watt.I'm into vocal fans and pop music,room I used 10x11 with source from arcam cd73 and marantz dv7600,please help,,,,thanks folk
I would go for the 308.
thank STANWAL,did u have audition this amp before?can u give more detail why did u choose this amp?thanks
I owned a 308cr and it is very conservately rated at 150WPC. It will handle quite a loadits pretty hard to clip it. The problem with that amp is that it seemed soooo sterile. I found it so neutral that I had to sell it and get a warmer richer tone. I did that but stayed with SS for a while. The guy who bought it said it was a bit on the warm side. True story....
Djtiti is 100% right try and audition them. Our choice has nothing to do with your choices. Sure there is a consencus mainly driven by a buch of people who loudly declare what is good and what sucks. I stopped listening to that stuff and now I have nirvana. Use your ears to guide your system choices.
Generally the only way to "audition" used gear you are considering is to buy it. Then sell if it is disappointing in your setup. Been there done that. It can be a confusing, tedious and frustrating experience. Or, it can be rewarding when you get lucky with a good match (that word synergy). The only way to know is to go through the trial process. As Mechans said, the MF 308r produced a neutral/ too-sterile sound in his setup, and then with the fellow he sold it to it was "a bit on the warm side." So any recommendation of one component over another will be system-dependent which practically negates the value of said recommendation.
I vote for the MF. The most "tubey" SS gear out there. I regret every piece I passed along. I think the stuff is a bargain at retail. Used 308 pieces are fairly rare, for good reason...
thanks all for ur opinion!!!i guess i have to try it each one since it used gear,let me try to make adeal with the seller of MF
I got a deal with DK design for $950,look pretty bargain to me,since I have to try i thinking starting with lowest price!!!what u guys think?thanks
Do it! Replace with Auricaps (2x) and change with Siemens tubes. Regards.
thanks for the support batalok,but what is Auricaps???