DK Design MK II as a preamp with Druid speakers?

I am shopping for a new amp and considering both intergrated and separates. I am currently using a DK Design MK II which is an integrated hybrid with a tubed preamp and a SS 150 WPC amp. I only need about 5 WPC.

I am considering using the preamp portion of the DK for some of my listening tests. It has preamp output jacks. I guess my question is whether the preamp in the DK is a reasonably good standalone preamp or if I should just buy a preamp for my tests. If I buy a preamp, I am considering a Modwright or a MiniMax. I just want to try sepaerates without having to purchase a preamp until I get some idea of the benefits.

I am running high efficiency speakers (ZU Druids at 101DB) and looking at these amps (some of which are integrated):

First Watt F1
Red Wine 30.2
Yamamoto A-O8S
Manley Stingray

Any ideas to add to my list would be appreciated. I want to stay around $2,000 used.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions
what is wrong with the DK? it is a nice integrated amp. if you don't like it, replace the whole thing. have you compared the dk to the amps you listed? you need to audition the amps in your home with your existing equipment to see if it truly is a better setup than what you currently have. good luck!
Just my 2 cents.

But I think a 47 labs 4717 amp would be nice for those speakers. Many people look down on 47 labs but under the right conditions they can make some real nice music.
UPDATE - I got an Almarro 318B 6c33c set amp and it is some-kinda-wonderful with the Druids. It tames music that was harsh with the DK. The bass is more full (fat?) but with less punch or impact that before but I will happily trade that for the clarifty and listenability in the mids and highs. Songs that are not pristine in their recording sound MUCH better that with the SS DK amp. Especially complex passages in some rock seem to unfold from a "traffic jam" of sounds to distinct music. This is my first tube amp and I am now seeing what I was missing. I could not be more pleased with the upgrade (more correctly a cross-grade as the amps are very close in price on Gon).