DJ vs. Audiophiles

Can anyone comments on what's the difference between cartridges for DJ's vs. cartridges for Audiphiles? More specifically technical differences if there are any.

DJ cartridges are made to take abuse. Audiophile cartridges are not. As far as the sound goes, that would be up to individual taste. I'll stick with audiophile cartridges, because I rarely engage in manually "scratching" my records back and forth!
Adding to Twl's post, DJ carts more often have spherical styili, which ist nicht so gut for the boom-boom, shaka-shaka we philes so deserve.
A DJ cartridge has a shorter cantilever, technically speaking. This makes it stronger, allowing 'back cueing' and 'scratching'. Also, they are designed to track at heavier weights and give out a rather high output voltage.

I wouldn't call their features desiged for "abuse", though. Just different playing scenarios (dance/broadcasting).

A DJ cartridge is usually very well made. I am currently using a modded Stanton Groovemaster II (the stylus/cantilever assembly has beeen replaced for a Stereohedron line contact). This creature has high output, great bass, incredibly coherent midrange and musicality. A great performer, all in all. I've had no need to switch back to my Ortofon X5 MC...

Tom, you need to get out of your doomsday hideout and dance!!! :)
Thanks guys for the comments. I am trying to get back into vinyl and dusted off my old technics TT. It's current installed w/ an Audio Technica 8080 MC, but I think the cartridge is on it's last leg. Eventually, I want to upgrade my TT. But for now, I don't want to spend too much money and I am thinking about getting a reasonably price MC to play with. I don't plan on scratching or "abusing" the cartridge. My grand dad left my his record collection, about 200+, most of which are old. Hence, I was wondering if using a DJ cartridge is a good idea. Most, if not all, of the records I have are not for rave/techno/bassy/ dancing type so I don't know if I am better off using a cartridge designed, or normally used, for jazz/classical/classic rock types of music.

Thanks again for the inputs.
If you have a Technics S-shaped arm w/ removable headshell, the modded Stanton Groovemaster II will give you *serious* audiophile perfomance. Extremely decent...