dj/pa style speaker question

Hello fellow a-goners. I'm usually the one all my friends come to with gadget/stereo questions, and this time I'm stumped. My friend purchased a pair of dj speakers from craigslist because they were enormous, and 'looked awesome' he then realised that the plugs in the back were Mic jacks and he couldn't figure out how to hook them up. He asked me to try and figure it out. After tirelessly trying to figure this out on my own I am now looking for help... What he wants to do it connect these speakers to a home receiver. I have found that I can get a 1/4 to naked wire that will transmit the power.. what I don't get it why there is one input jack and output on each of the speakers.... Does this mean that the speakers must be run in series? or do they require some kind of 'return signal' to the receiver. If I were to use the receiver, how should I wire it. Now, I realize that the proper way to do this would be to use an amplifier and mixer, but that's not going to happen, lol. I know the speakers are 8 ohms and rated for 150 watts rms... Any thoughts?
Pro sound speakers are often equipped with two 1/4" jacks wired in parallel. One is for the signal from the amp, and the other is to attach a speaker cable for another speaker. If you do not use an additional speaker then nothing is connected to the second jack.

Using regular speaker cable, wire the positive side of the cable to the tip, and the negative side to the sleeve on your 1/4" plug.
Ok, that makes sense. What is confusing me, is how I actually wire the speakers. Is it safe to assume that these speakers will be mono if I go from the receiver to the speaker 1, then to speaker 2, then back to the receiver? if so, how do I wire it to the receiver... Use the left channel positive, to the speakers back to the left channel negative and set the receiver to mono? This is whats confusing me.
I think MW is saying run the right output to one speaker and the left to the other and don't use the output on either speaker.
Can you buy pro speaker cable terminated for the speaker end and 'regular' terminations for the amp side or adaptors?