Dizzy Gillespie, "Portrait of Jenny"

A buddy just sent me a YouTube clip of the track 'Me N Them' off this record that sounds really great. A rare track where Diz doesn't sound like he wants to be heard on the moon. Also, even on the laptop it sounds like it might be a pretty good recording. Doesn't look like there is much vinyl available and the CD review stated that it sounded like it was mastered from a vinyl record. (?!) Anyone know anything about this record, have the CD or know anyone who has the vinyl?
Here's the CD version at Amazon. If you click sample tracks, it's obviously not from the LP although I agree the YouTube clip was.


Here it is on LP, probably many other sources as well
I found someone with a sealed vinyl copy. probably a re-issue and lord only knows what that will sound like, but it was cheap enough. Can always get the CD later if its really horrible, or keep my eyes open for an original. Thanks!
Just to follow up - I received the record today and it is indead a modern re-issue, and not a very good pressing at that. Sounds like a multi-generational source - very muddy. However, the music is terrific. It was a Van Gelder recording so I suspect an original recording would be better. I'll be keeping my eyes open for one.