DIY xlr cables

Any suggestions for a good cable that is available unterminated and can be used with xlr connectors?
I really like the DH Labs solid core silver from Parts Connextion. It IS brittle however, so make sure you leave slack at the connectors.
Thanks for your reply. I went to parts connexion. Is the BL-1 the wire you’re referring to? It might work nice together with my DH labs T-14 shotgun biwire speaker cables. 
Buy a length of Neotech 20awg OCC Teflon solid-core hookup wire and then braid it (3 x 20awg for an XLR).  It comes to about $7-8 per foot.
Mogami W2549 is considered by many in pro audio to be one of the best. I have been using it for years for balanced ICs and am completely happy with it.
I use the DH Labs Pro Studio bulk interconnect. A bit more expensive than the BL-1, but better cable construction and higher quality dielectric.  I have 5 meter lengths between my preamp and poweramp and they sound great.