Diy Watt/puppy clones: follow up

They are 'developing' in very good direction. And in my room/amplification situation, which is far from ideal, i can already separate speaker characteristics. Soundstage is wide and deep. They are 'sweet' and detailed in same time. I cannot pin-point any faults from top, midrange, lower midrange....and ! Well, last octave of audible bass (Measured 31Hz) is not very good. Still 'boomy, probably room and somewhat design are to blame. As you can see lively room stores a lot of energy, and with the woofer just inches from the floor it's probably bad combination. Any suggestions and advices are welcome!

Awesome job, Eldragon!

Congratulations on truly one of the finest DIY loudspeaker projects around. And to think, this is your first. You are without a doubt, a prodigy. If you did this commercially, I have no question you would go down as one of THE greats.

And, to anyone unfamiliar with Dragan, he is not only a great speakerbuilder, but a great friend.
Nice job! I hope that you get back as much as you gave to build them, and more! If they sound half as good as they look from your pics then you got it made.

Best luck,

~~~~Nice job! They look proud to be.

~~In the center picture above your equipment rack, Who's the large face belong to? Reminds me of Elvis. Nice way of combining the small figures with the large one!

~~~~Just The Facts,
Way cool!
Maybe speaker placement is to blame? On the pics you put up, they seen close to the back wall and corners. But congratulations on your project. I have built clones of ProAc 2.5 and they are great also.

Montréal, Canada