DIY Utopia Clones web UPDATE

Just updated my website.

Added new pictures using sand to dampen sides of the Utopia MTM section and other stuff!

It is definately turning into a crazy DIY project! :-)


James, do you know what 'specs' your Utopias are going to be? Also, what is the hight of the speakers. As you know, i might try to 'scale-down' the original, if sensitive enough.


In terms of specs, the only specs I have are driver specs. YOu can see them at I am going to use the ATLR, Audiom 6W and 33WX. The real Utopias are 1340mm tall.... mine will be around 1380-1400mm depending on how tall I want to make the base.

THE ATLR is 95db, 6W - 96db, and 33WX - 94.4db. Quite sensitive. I am expecting atleast 93.5-94db overall sensitivity once they're in the box. :-)