DIY upgrades to VPI platter

I have the platter that was offered both as an upgrade for the HW-19 as a TNT platter and it served as the platter for several other TNT series. (1/2" acrylic bonded to metal) w/ three leveling screws.

My question/observation is... while I've played around with heavy weights/clamps like the TTWeights 2 + lb clamp, what I heard was a deadening of the sound, squashed dynamics. I can only assume this bearing (the Mk IV for the HW-19) wasn't meant to carry much more weight than the 20 lb. platter. Has anyone tried drilling holes underneath the platter around the perimeter and filling them with melted lead/brass? Would this be the same additional weight that the bearing sees if the weight is put directly on top of the platter as in my first observation with the heavy clamp?
I've had several of Harry's platters. You should try the current ceramic platter that he uses on his direct drive is open, dynamic, and good looking.
No matter where the weight is, the bearing will see the same load. If the weight is not perfectly distributed though, the bearing will have to deal with increased side loads. Not a great plan.What is wrong with the reflex type clamp most VPIs come with?
The VPI 19 MK IV bearing can handle the extra load of 2lbs. With centre weights, it is trial and error as you have experienced. If you want to increase the rotational mass of your platter without the need to modify your table, I would try a periphery ring. TTWeights make a ring that will fit you platter.

I personally prefer a reflex clamp over mass weights for VPI tables. My personal favorite is the Black Diamond Racing clamp. I have also tried VPI’s SS centre weight and periphery ring but still prefer the BDR clamp.

Is your VPI 19 MK IV spring suspended or did you update the suspension with sorbothane isolators?
I guess I should have mentioned my ultimate goal first, which was to increase rotational mass as Brf alluded to. The problem as I saw it is if the additional weight from my 'idea' would be so much a killer of sonics to nullify any benefit.

I modified my table to accept Symposium rollerblock jrs and I use a BDR clamp. The outer ring really won't work as I use an ET arm.