DIY tube pre-amp recommendation requested

Hello. I sold my McIntosh MX-110 years ago (I now wish I hadn't!) and loved how it smoothed the CD input - IIRC, I ran it through the AUX input. I sold off my stuff because I was broke.

I'm now trying to re-create my original system. Problem is Mac tube pre-amps are priced through the roof. I'm not ever going back to vinyl or tape - CD, FM, and home theater inputs only. It seems to me that pursuing a Mac tube preamp is sort of like paying for an expensive pot. I really don't feel like I need all those controls, filters, phono input stages, etc..

Regarding tuner, I'm aiming for a 7082 for push button convenience (so I don't have to deal with the annoying bass speaker slams as they spin the tuner knob changing stations).

I've glanced over some of the DIY tube amp projects, but since I'm unfamiliar with a lot of the jargon, I'm asking for recommendations. I'm looking for biggest bang for the buck, I can solder, and I will wear pants while doing that.

Thank you for your time.

Larry Engelbrecht
Check out the Bottlehead stuff.......
Check my thread a few clicks from this one...
I second the BottleHead reccomendation. Excellent product at very reasonable prices.
Have you looked at the Hegerman's kits? They are excellent.