DIY tube amps

I'm wondering about other members experience with some of the "build it yourself" tube amp kits out on the market. I'm using SS mono blocs at the moment, and am quite interested in going the tube route, but am also liking the idea of trying my hand at building them myself. As a bike builder, I am quite handy, so to speak, but I am not an electronics guy. Recommendations? Oh, and bye the way, I have some fairly hungry speakers (Wilson Audio), so low powered amps won't do.
High power amps aren't the simplest creatures, especially tube designs. A 60 watt class A solid state amp is going to have something like 32V rails. A 60 watt tube amp is going to have rails more like 20 times that voltage.
Our 60 watt tube amp kit has B+ rails of 150 volts.

It works well with Wilson Watt/Puppys, not sure about some of the newer Wilsons; most of them are fairly efficient, but lower impedance. So you can make the M-60 (kit) drive the Sashas quite nicely for example if you also use a set of ZEROs (www.zeroimpedance .com).

The amp is not hard to build but does take some time because each power tube only makes a few watts. You can see a video of one being built on our home page or on YouTube:
I had a blast building a Sun Audio 2a3 stereo amp kit.  That was easy to build, but only 3.5 watts or so.  Got me into tubes from solid state.
Get a Scott LK-150. Upgrade the coupling capacitors & rebuild the power supplies. Great sound, power no problem.