DIY tube amps?

I am considering doing a DIY project ... a tube integrated amp.
Are there any suggested good sources of such?

Tons of info on the web.Just Google "DIY tube amp".
too many to name, though maybe someone else has a favorite. I think it depends on what you want to do. TP's suggestion is best. There is a lot of good info, and resources. This can be a real adventure.
Audio note kits
If you want to build a kit, Audionote, Bottlehead and Decware come to mind. I built the Decware kit (low power @ 2 watts or so).
If you want to build from scratch, go to diyaudioprojects dot com
I can build from scratch but I'd like a proven design, with schematic, to work from. A kit would be better .. better chance at success on 1st project.
I've done other electronic projects before but this would be my first foray into tubes. I looked into the diyaudioprojects web site and was overwhelmed with all the projects.

Thx for the tips guys. Lots of research to do on my part I guess. It's always good to hear success stories from other kit builders.

Here's a good place with lots of DIY projects, specially on tubes.