DIY Stylus Guard Help

I'm sending my main cartridge off for rebuild and I need to mount a wood body modified DL103r into my SME. Last time I broke the cantilever off so I'm looking to create a stylus guard for the installation process. Has anyone made a stylus guard for their cartridge? Any suggestions besides getting new hands installed that aren't clumsy?
Making a stylus guard is about as dangerous to the stylus as any other job that forces you to put the stylus in jeopardy.  I wouldn't do it at all.
What lewm said. Especially since its going off for rebuild. If they come with a stylus guard, it should come back with a stylus guard- a real one not the one you cobbled and taped together.
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I successfully made one for an old cartridge by using a knife to carve out a wine cork. Worked like a charm!
Very creative cleeds. You can loop masking tape over the cantilever in successive layers. After ten layers or so it will become pretty stiff. 
Perhaps I was too emphatic.  I would look for something that already exists around my house, a piece of curved plastic for example.  Or that cork would be fine once you've carved it up appropriately.  Then tape it over the stylus assembly using easily removable tape.  Of course, I still would not recommend this for every day use; only where there will be a prolonged period of storage or manipulation.
Thanks for the suggestions. No thanks for all the bickering. Do that on your own threads please.