DIY speakers

Anyone know of a website that offers kits to make my own speakers. I don't want to spend a ton of money, but I have a nitch to start making my own equipment.
KT88: (great speaker building forum at this site too) No parts here, just ideas /great forum for "Full Range" drivers at this site

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I'd add, and (outlet for ACI if you act quickly)
Also look at:
(Do a search at for discussion)

All offer something different.
I am looking for a powerful, articulate and FAST subwoofer to use with my audio physic avanti's.

My room is only 12 x 20 and is open to the left at the speaker end. I will probably set the crossover at about 30 or 32 hz. Any recommendations in the diy arena ? I am looking to spend 600 to 1000 for the kit.
John, go over to and take a look at the thread by Scott (like on 6-06), "Peerless sub XLS", very nice photo of this musical sub. in a cabinet. KT88 , lately i've been doing research in the DIY speaker projects. Madisound has members that will design and build, Rick Craig , Dave Ellis and Dennis Murphy. Rick has a 3 way design underway for me. As well check out the sites that Clueless mentions.
Northcreek gets my vote for the most refined DIY speaker company. I've heard many other DIY speakers and always come away with the impression that they are not really as refined, balanced or complete as a decent production high end speaker. North Creek on the other hand is extremely competitive with the best production speakers IMHO. That being said, the best deals for your money are actually production speakers on the used market. I know of no way to get more sound for your dollar than buying a set of used high end speakers on Audiogon.
Cool, thanks for all the tips. Looks like I will busy for awhile surfing the net. uuummmmmm next I think I will venture into a diy amp kit. It's the little boy in me!