DIY speaker isolation base for a wood floor

A definite sonic improvement in tightening up the bass. 
1. Start with 4 aluminum cones. I used some old Mod Squad Tip Toes.
2. 16x16 slab of granite.
3. 1/8 cork.
4. 1/2 inch neoprene rubber.
5. 1/8 cork.
6. Top with another 16x16 slab of granite.
7. Enclosed with a wood cradle to hide the mechanism.
  The granite is from scraps from a shop and was cheap. The added 1/4 inch of neoprene to 1/2 inch thickness did help. Let me hear your thoughts.
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You dont respect people's opinions. They are simply here for your entertainment. Do you want to go down the rabbit hole with me? You ruin every post here
Installed the Sorbethane pucks.   Listening to Billy Joel right now, and just got done listening to Exodus.... I'm sold.  Good post!  I bet it helps many members.  Good mod!
Thanks for chiming in Quincy. I'm sold on the pucks too