DIY Speaker and IC Cable Burning

I have read posts where people made adapters so that
they could run AC through their cables like an extension
cord to burn them in. They would use an appliance like
a Vacuum cleaner. This will clearly destroy cables that
have network boxes like MIT or Transparent but for
non-network based cables this almost sounds like a good
idea. So I wanted to ask about different methods
people have used successfully in their DYI cable burning.
(Both for Speaker and IC cables)

One more thing. I have also read that people say that
cables slowly revert back to their original sound if
they are not used (played) often enough. They loose
their dielectric charge or something of that nature.
Can anyone say whether they have experienced this?

I remember the advise given to me by cable manufacturer that the cables may require about 100 hrs of break in period and that the cables loose their "charge" if not used for a certain period.

In my experience, I just notice that the sound of my system changes after not being used for 3 or 4 days. I'm not sure whether it is just my cables or the whole system itself that needs to be "broken in" again.

Anyway, I would like to refer you to the audioquest website and check out their Cable Theory.

Hmm...Tnt: I venture that it's your acoustic memory that's shifting. Do you find that everything starts to sound ok again after 1/2 hour of listening again? Probably more ear-brain stuff than dielectric charge/discharge electrobabble....
Here is an interesting link on the topic:
burning-in cables from AC socket isn't bad since the burn-in will be much faster.
burning in cables brings chrystalic malstructures(mostly semiconductor-like)to the regular cunductivity so once it's done you do not have to do it again.
the term "charge" shouldn't take a place in case of speaker cables unless they have huge capacitance. in my opinion we should keep our cables away from such charge. i use a small radioshack snap-on filters to reduce an electro-static charge.