DIY silver speaker cable is great

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Fairly "cheap" too if you go for .999 silver wire.

Improvement to everything except bass is lacking, but I fix it somewhat by doubling the wire to the LF part.
Been there, done that with stacked, teflon-insulated silver foils totaling 8-10 AWG. It sounds great and doesn't suffer any lack of LF.

IME, a final destination speaker cable at $800 cost of goods plus a long afternoon. Factor in an 8-10x COGs multiplier for an equivalent commercial product.

I don't have stacked foils - but very wide silver foil 1.25" by 8 thou' thick, so that's 0.01 sq inches which is about 9 AWG.

I just mummy wrap the individual foils with wide Teflon tape, put them back-to-back, and mummy wrap that with more Teflon tape. No connectors - just a bit of Origami at the ends and cut a notch with a pair of scissors.

99.99% pure silver.

No lack of bass weight here - Lamm ML 2.1 SETs into Coincident Super Eclipses.

Check out Clear Day speaker cables, made in Tucson Arizona.
I use 99.99 bare wire silver for speaker wires and one power cord and the results are excellent -- at a fraction of the cost of commercial cables.