DIY Record Shelves?

Anyone build themselves some sturdy record storage out of wood and/or other materials? If so, how has it worked out? I'm looking to build some for myself, but don't want to reinvent the wheel if a fellow 'Goner has preceded me. I have "STFA" and did not come up with anything.
Depends on how much you want to spend. I'm cheap.

I use 2x12 pine boards supported by cinder blocks at 4 to 5 foot intervals. They can be painted to overcome the "rustic" look. Pretty they're not. Sturdy they are. And stable as long as you don't go over 3 shelves high.
After looking for LP storage racks and not finding anything I liked. I built a small book case with furniture grade birch veneer plywood 13" deep, finished it to match my decor and it looks/works great.
If you don't have the know how, skill or tools to make it yourself, check out a local cabinet maker and tell him what you need and he will be more than happy to make one for you. This will allow you to have it fit into your room and not having to settle for someones mass produced design.
Just my $.02 Rick.
I've never liked the shelf approach. Instead, I like to have the cover facing me (like at a record store). If you'll click on my virtual system below, you'll see my solution--a record cabinet with sliding drawers. My father and I built it. We just kind of made it up as we went along.
I build some out of 3/4 stock aluminum and hardwood. They are very contemporary and very sturdy. I've posted the plans so that you can download them. They are in PDF format, so if you don't have adobe acrobat, there's a link here for that as well (acrobat reader is a free program)

LP rack

acrobat reader
Thanks to everyone for the responses.

I have one similar to yours. It's a record rack from a library that got rid of it's LP collection. It's full!

Thank you! This is just what I was looking for! I downloaded and printed the plans and am going to make one. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again!
Rives - those look pretty darn nice! Nice job on the DIY!! I will try one myself. Do you have a sense of about how much the materials cost you?
The stock aluminum was clear anodized and I had a machinist drill it out. I bought enough pieces to make 3 units or expand my unit (no the extras aren't for sale). I think I paid about $125 for all the aluminum drilled, brushed, and anodized (yes I had friends and didn't pay full price). I don't remember what the wood cost. I'm sure it would vary quite a bit depending on the wood. I'm considering rebuilding them with more exotic wood, which is pretty easy since they are completely modular.
I made a version of the Flexi equipment rack for my albums as well. 3/4 in threaded rod (3 legs but you can go with 4) with mdf shelves and nuts/washers to adjust shelves. Top and bottom just slide over the rods. I added end blocks to the shelves support the albums off of the rods. quick, cheap and easy to take apart and move
In my question about the shelves, another AgoNer contacted me privatly about custom granite work that he does. To make a long story short, he made me a custom shelf out of black granite to replace my Salamander Archtype 2 shelves for my turntable. His work is beautiful, flawless, reasonably priced, and, he is a great guy to work with. Any one in the Phila., or Southern NJ area who can pick up locally, and are interested in maybe having him do some work for you, let me know. I can post his email to this thread if folks would like.

PS: I have no connection with or profit motive attached with him. I am just a satisfied customer
I buy Per Madesn record racks from Per Madsen Design in San Francisco and LOVE THEM. Each one is built very solidly, they're great-looking, and they're only $49 apiece! They hold about 100 records per shelf. They ship UPS; see the back of Stereophile fr their ad. I think the website is
madsend design is
I think these are really nice shelves!

and these too
I've made some pretty professional looking floor to ceiling shelves from 3/4" white melamine boards from Home Depot. They have the shelves precut and ready for mounting, I think they come in 16" or 18" wide. All you have to do is have the sides of the shelves cut from the melamine sheets that lay on the lumber section of the Home DEpot. then you place each free shelve between the 2 sides and fix them with wood scrues from the side panels. It's like constructing a ladder, the steps being the record shelves.