DIY Record Cleaning Machine - Initial Failures

While I'm on (ahem) vacation I thought I'd take up my project of building a DIY record cleaning machine. I have ordered some parts - an old turntable, etc. - but like any good scientific research there have been some setbacks. I thought I'd post some photos of these dead-end experiments on my system page.

Lest anyone complain, no useful vinyl was damaged in these efforts for scientific discovery.
Grimace: I went the same route and had pretty good luck,but ended up trying a Steam Cleaner ( Shark Hand Held ) with a jig set up so as to be able to Steam clean both sides and use the DIY record cleaner for final drying...The Steam Cleaner is definatly ( for me anyway ) the way to go..Just can't believe how much cleaner my records are now steaming compared to just Solvent Cleaning ..I did own a VPI RCM but in my opionion the steaming method works much better for me....
ROFLMAO! I like the MAX approach the best. We are staff to four of the little darlings, maybe they can earn their keep.
Me thinks Thorman didn't look at the pictures.
Grimace: Your right I hadn't looked at the pictures...Wish I had...Gotta love those pets!!!!!!!
Outstanding. Just another example of better living through (veterinary) science. ROTFL!!!!
Grimace, I'm guessing that your little buddies produce the cleaning fluid also? It's free...

I'm gonna borrow my wife's Shark to see if steam works?
Oooh. Hadn't thought of that.....

But its too cold out to follow them around in the yard for samples.
You're warped (just like most of my vinyl).
The immediate key is to make sure the cat is declawed.