DIY Question: Well Tempered Bearing Cup Upgrade

I purchased a Well Tempered Classic this summer, which despite all the hassles in getting it to run well, has reignited my passion for music, especially analog music.
After getting fed up with the Classic I purchased a Clearaudio Concept in order to have a deck that was more reliable. I really like the design features that Clearaudio uses, and the sound is very good.

I still have the Classic and am wondering if I could put a Clearaudio bearing/spindle/platter on the Well Tempered plinth? I like the Clearaudio design better than the Well Tempered so I'd like to combine them to get the best of both worlds, since the Classic does a better job at isolating noise/vibration. Any experts here who would tell me where to start, or not? Thx
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Can't imagine the Clearaudio sounding better than a properly operating Classic. What sort of problems were you having? The Well Tempered design is far from finnicky... especially the platter bearing which is simply ingenious to say the least. If you need parts, then sadly that could be trouble since Stanalog has been reported to be impossible to deal with and maybe even MIA.
The cup leaks oil through the threads of the bearing inserts. I have tried plumbers tape, which worked pretty well for a while, but now is leaking again. I guess I should try Loctite?
However, the bearing on my Clearaudio spins much more smoothly than the Well Tempered bearings, so I am wondering what I could do to upgrade. I probably won't mess with it and just work on fixing the cup to stop the leaks. Too much trouble and money to modify it.
What wasn't "reliable" about your well tempered? Don't see any way you can combine the two. If you like the clearaudio better, then I would suggest you sell the well tempered and get an isolation base like a Townshend seismic sink or Ginko.
My best suggestion would be to get the Well Tempered operating properly as I believe it is the superior table.
Do not even try to mix the two.....either find someone very knowledgeable about the Classic and get it back up to speed, or go with the inferior Clearaudio....once the Classic is corrected, it will easily outperform the other....
you might try the Well Tempered forum on Audio Circle and see if someone there can help out.
Good luck....