DIY Power Conditioner

So I have seen many posts on DIY power cords and interconnects and even amps but couldn't find anything on power conditioners.
Come to think of it...that could be a nice project...
Anyone tried it ?
No,but look on 10audio,make your own hydra 4 for peanuts.
there's some interesting things going on or not going on in the original hydra 4.
Serch Felix on AudioCircle...
Yes, John Risch had an excellent DIY project on his website for a nice balanced power transformer "conditioner" using a Signal DU-2 power transformer. It can be wired in a number of different ways depending on your power/amperage needs, and can even be used to step-up and step down the voltage coming out of it. I am using one with great sucess in my system in the balanced output mode. I can fill you in on the details if needed, and they are quite affordable.