DIY planar drivers

I would like to know if anyone knows if any DIY companies sell quasi-ribbon tweeter drivers, or are these drivers strictly a Magnepan proprietary design. I have sourced out DIY outlets for ribbon, planar-magnetic and electrostatic divers, and I would love to get my hands on a pair of these tweeter drivers. I personally prefer them for the midtweeter range and the ribbons for the 20kHz plus range. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve Lewis
check out newform research - they have full-range speakers *very* competitively priced, or you can buy yust their ribbons for your own bottom-end. check out the reviews of their r645's on audioreview. - these are ~$2250, delivered... doug
Bohlender Grabner, Planer Magnetics, I have a 5.1 setup of their floorstanding series w/ 2 7.4 madrigal passive subs powered by 2 7.1 Citation amps and a monoblock. The front LR run in bridged mode @ ~500w. Outstanding for a home theater and audio comprimise, although I have a hard time finding the comprimise. Call them, good people to talk to.