DIY phono interconnect -- need some advice

I'd like to make phono interconnects for my MM cart turntable. I need your advice on the wire and RCA plugs.
Candidate for the wire:
Cardas 1x21.5 coax
or Canare

RCA plugs (affordable and compact)
the problem is the Eichman bullet plugs I tried are too large and too tight. I am wondering if the plug is important in this application, at all. If so, I can choose from:
Switchcraft 3502
Neutrik profi

or maybe you can recommend....

And finally, how important is gold plating on the plug?

Gold plating is only important for corrosion resistance. Rhodium works well too, but in speaker connections it is too hard to work well.
Don't think I will use any silver, copper is good enough for me. What's a "tiffany style" rca connector?

The  Switchcraft 3502 is nickel plated. 
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If we're talking phono cables, silver over copper or silver (fragile) all the way. Depends how bright you want it to sound. Connex is a great connector for the money. I personally like gold plated, I've also had silver plated rca's.
What about the nickel plated connectors such as Switchcraft 3502. Why is nickel plating looked down on?
The resistance is higher than silver or gold. Nickel is okay for a low cost connector, it is corrosion resistant.
Found a pretty good solution:

Just cut off the RCA’s on one end if you need it hardwired. Nice quality Mogami wire, Low mass factory terminated RCA connectors that are gold plated. I don’t think we can do much better than this. And it’s $15.

Also this cables low capacitance!

If you can find silver wire and silver RCA's, that would be the best because of the lowest resistance. What you found sounds good, but haven't actually looked at the link. Enjoy!