DIY Perforated metal grills?

In the 80's my father had a pair of ADS speakers with a matte black perforated metal grill and I always loved that look, can material be purchased already perfed and then cut to size, painted and mounts attached?..(paint and mounts DIY)
Hardware stores carry perforated metal, it is a bit of a bear to cut but I imagine it'll get the job done. If you need larger sizes you may consider talking to Martin Logan and buying some material from them, they use large perforated grills on their speakers.
something like this ?
Loony, great link! thanks, too bad it comes shorter than I need...I need 48 inch length
You can get perforated metal in 4'x10' sheets from most sheet meatl shops and they can shear it to the right size.
Careful they tend to vibrate and also it will muttle the sound a bit, you will loose cliarity. If you are worried about sound quality I wouldn't recomend it. Speakers like Canto that use them are tuned for the grill and have done extensive reasearch on the size holes etc...
Let us know the resonant frequency and amplitude of the grills once you have them in place.