DIY Outlet Box-Help with wire choices

I am building an outlet extension box which will use 2 Shunyata outlets and a furutech IEC inlet, all put inside a nice aluminum box. I will be plugging this into my Shunyata Hydra4 to extend the amount of outlets for the system.

I am looking for suggestions on 12 gauge solid core wire (copper or silver) to use internally. Can someone steer me to the correct web site and offer their thoughts?
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I started with plain romex 12 gauge - then switched to DH Labs 12 gauge stranded (from a piece of their power cable) - the improvements were quite noticeable even with the short lengths of 5-10 inches.

I use small copper spades or spring clip termination on all joints/switches, which increases the surface area of the joint which appears to provide better transient response.

I also use a bus-bar approach rather than runing the wire from outlet to outlet. (See my system for a schematic)

Net effect is that I cannot tell the difference whether the sources are plugged directly into the wall outlet or the power distribution box

I use 10 gauge Furutech into the power distribution box and 13 gauge Furutech from there to the souce components - amp is direct to the wall outlet with a 10 gauge Furutech cable

All mains connectors are silver plated copper and I use Pass and Seymour MRI outlets in the distribution box and wall outlets.

Not really an answer to your question, just another approach :-)
Hi Stereo5.Silver is the way to go & see if you can get 12gauge stranded, much easier to work with. Good Luck
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I agree with Willie, get some DH Labs Power Plus, great affordable cable.
Is it possible to acquire the same wire that Shunyata uses?
This would provide a consistancy, since you are essentially "daisy-chaining" from your Hydra4, at least that is how I understand your question.
I agree with Elizabeth. I have had many, many power cords including Shunyata.
The Mil spec silver plated 12 gauge teflon coated 600V wire is great. That's what I am using in my DIY distribution boxes, check out my system pictures.
Slightly off topic, but can someone recommend a good source for the aluminum box to house the outlets?
This site has some nice boxes