DIY nuding of Dynavector??

I bought a Dynavector 10X5 yesterday and the dealer mentioned removing the body covering---there's a tiny screw on the side that keeps the covering in place. Upon removing the screw, the body would supposedly drop slowly, exposing the guts and essentially creating a nude cart with less body resonance.

To his credit, he didn't actually SUGGEST doing this since it voids the warranty and risks damage. Has anyone tried this with a Dyna or other cart??
Yes. It makes a major improvement. Note that there are two screws, not one. Removal takes a steady hand, a little paitence, and needle-nosed pliers. The only downside is that you wind up with a very light cartridge. I had to add some weight inside the headshell of my JMW 10.5 to balance it afterwards. Oh, yes, and the warranty issue.
Thanks for clearing the screw thing up for others--when I actually looked at the cart, I realized there are two screws of an unusual configuration (not slotted, not philips but two small holes in the round head--looks more like a button than a screw head).

Further research indicates that some owners have discussed this elsewhere. Good to know that it's actually the importer/distributor who is "suggesting" this mod rather than just some unknown tweaker.
Geez, I like that ... "some unknown tweaker."

Well, I typed "Wacko tweaker" first but thought I might get death threats! Not that tweaking is wacko in and of itself, but that SOME tweakers (on other forums, not here)
might well suggest some pretty wacko ideas.

BTW, I'm going to be using the Dyna cart in my DIY tonearm made of black licorice, feeling the black had a palpable realism in contrast to its strawberry cousin which lent a pleasant, but ultimately "rosy" euphonic. The black licorice is especially rewarding with clarinet LP's.
Dear Dooddelog: If there is an improvement is up to you. What is always sure is that you can have a different " sound " in a removing body cover cartridge that in the original same/one. I'm not sure if that different sound is because, with less cartridge weight, the resonance frecuency changes or because the internal resonances disappear or both.

Yes, I already try with some cartridges. Some of them in the 4K up price.

Regards and enjoy the music.