DIY Nearfield Monitors

Two questions on this topic, please.

First, can anyone recommend an OEM supplier for single, "time aligned" and/or crossoverless cone drivers?

As mentioned in other threads, I am increasingly listening to music at my desk, in the nearfield, at lower volumes. Could this type of driver work well in that setting?

Second, I have never built or commissioned speakers of my own design, but I am wondering if there are any DIY or off the shelf cabinets available similar to the WATT type monitors, with a more interesting shape than the usual boxes?

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.
Googling around, I realize I meant single or "dual concentric" drivers, but I dont have any experience with either one, just a suspicion that certain designs might offer good, non fatiguing midrange and listening.
I would check Madisound or its English counterpart Wilemslow Audio [sp?] as they have been offering first rate DIY speakers for decades. There are also DIY audio forums. The two companies will provide acurate info on what you are looking for.
I think Radian also makes the type of drivers you're looking for. Used by Tannoy and the defunct company Galante in their speakers.
I second Stanwal's suggestion of Madisound.Also,check out Common Sense Audio.They carry Lowther,Fostex,PA Audio and their own brand Audio Nirvana.They include your choice of enclosure plans with speaker purchase.There is a lot of information and specs on the website.The Audio Nirvana brand is very cost friendly and would probably be a good choice for someone wanting to try single driver speakers for the first time.If you go the single driver route,let us in on your experience.Good Luck.
I just finished bldg the audio nirvana cast8 speaker pair. If you can bld a cabinet OR have soemone do it correctly this a great start. They sound great with low power tube and ss also. After they settled, they were even better.
You can try the coaxials from Seas prestige line available from Madisound. They are used in some very costly designs by a prestigious German time-aligned loudspeaker manufacturer, Ascendo.
Hope this is of help.
If you don't really want DIY you could check out the new GMA Rio speakers, or the Vandersteen "monitor" speaker (check out the Vandersteen website).

Yes, Radian is the one I was trying to remember!

I thought of the idea after seeing a used pair of Galante speakers for sale.

Thank you everyone for other interesting seems there is a Wilson style DIY cabinet somewhere on the internet...will try to find and post the link if anyone is interested....
Cwlondon, there is a Wilson type DIY cab out there. I was slobbering over the possibilities of trying it out. Except for the fact that it would take me 2 years..or cost me the same as a Wilson if I had someone else build it. But its an awesome attempt to see.
CW - I had a pair of Rhapsodys for a year or two. I liked them, but felt they lacked extension. Corner placement helped the lows. Mids and imaging was great. He made a larger version, I think called the Buckingham maybe(?). I don't know that the larger driver he used for those was also Radian.

Hello everyone.

As an update to this thread, a variation on the question:


1) You removed all components from a speaker and
2) Put them into a DIY cabinet, but one with a shape or finish more to your DIY liking, where
3) The internal volume of the cabinet was roughly the same as the original

Should the speaker sound more or less the same?

(Yes, I know there are differences with structural rigidity, cabinet resonances, materials etc. Perhaps also diffraction effects from the front face of the cabinet and obviously port vs no port.)

But if for example, I love a pair of sealed mini monitors but would prefer a WATT shaped cabinet, do you think I could simply transplant the drivers and crossover into a similarly sized and sealed cabinet and get + / - a similar sound?

Thanks for any ideas, or for any other updates on DIY monitors.
Depending on design... if
Driver spacing and any driver staggering
Or mounting type, I.e. flush mount
Etc, the answer would be yes...
If not, you could hear some differences
In time alignment or cabinet
Also, you would need to make sure
That if the wooferis ported you
Would need to alter the porting
For the current box
If you change the driver's placement on the baffle(distance from each other AND edges), you are changing the sound.

IMO, pick up a pair of KEF Q100's and put the drivers in a new enclosure to your liking. There is no accounting for baffle diffraction in the crossover. Although the frequency response may change, due to the waveguide loaded tweeter and it's crossover design, it may not be as significant as other designs.