DIY Music Server.

Hi Anyone built one out here?
What did you use?
I'm open to suggestions of windows or macos based servers.
Advantages, Disadvantages, performance factors, It's all important.
I don't even know what I want, but ready to shop at newegg, amazon or pro-audio stores.

Appreciate options!
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Check out as a starting point. You may not need to go any further. Either way, you'll have a great reference.

All the best,
One decision to make is whether you want the server that stores the music located in the listening room or elsewhere. There's a good argument for having the computer server located away from the music room but then you need to get the music from point A to B.

I'm fond of the now-discontinued Squeezebox appliances, but they are still available. They receive their data via wireless or ethernet, are easy to use, and work well with any SPDIF coax or optical DAC you could choose.

For a server, I have a small Vortexbox in the basement. It is low-power consumption and also headless, meaning it is easily controlled from any laptop or other remote computer in your house. I use a Kindle Fire to select and play music.
My DIY Music Server build(s):

My deep appreciations for showing this device!
Great job!
No problem. The case is real nice as I mentioned in my review. Another plus side I forgot to mention is that Larry, the owner of HD-Plex, will give a $30 for internet forum reviews posted. He sent me a $60 rebate for reviewing both the H3.S and H5.S cases.
Some interesting info on Suprateks website blog from Mick,concerning computer audio.Seems he has an interest in computer audio.Good reading,also a computer built for audio is discussed.