DIY monitor advice sought - have cabinets

I bought a set of monitor cabinets off an auction site a few years ago thinking I would try my hand at DIY speaker building at some point. The cabinets were from Platinum Audio. I think the ones I have are for the Studio 1 model, so pretty identical size to the Solos. I am now thinking about making them into speakers, but I know NOTHING about this stuff. I cannot follow a crossover diagram, I have never done any of this wiring. I know that there are kits available out there and I have been researching these. Thing is, I would like drivers to match the cutouts in the cabinet, and I am thinking of going with a ready-to-go kit due to my inexperience.

The cabinets are 12 ¼”x8”x12 1/4 ” (hwd), with a 1” front baffle. It is a tweeter, midrange/woofer setup, two driver holes. They are recessed from the baffle, with these recessed areas being 4” and 6.” I do not have the back panel of the speakers, so I would need to make one. There is some material there, but in the original design apparently there was a plate with the speaker terminals, ports, and heat sink in the middle of the back side of the speaker, so I just need to replace this area.

Also, my web research suggests that the original speakers had a 1” tweeter and a 5” mid/woofer. Most important to me is that I get a kit that I can assemble into these cabinets, and get the proper fit for the drivers. (I would like to have a perfect fit into these recessed holes so as to have a clean, flush-mount look without having to cut new holes.)

I would appreciate any help that can be offered. I am not looking to spend more then a few hundred dollars on this, and I already have ACI Opals in my main system. These would be to have fun with and possibly replace the Opals.

I am familiar with some of the web forums and some of the factory direct manufacturers like gr research, selah audio, adire audio, zalytron, madisound.

I am seeking advice on how to proceed and what kits to investigate. Also, I have been wondering about the value available here. These speakers will be about the same size (although heavier) than Triangle Titus, but those are available used for around $350. Am I going to beat those? I like the idea of building my own and using these cabinets, but if it doesn’t get me beyond what can be had for about the same price used, I might just try to sell the cabinets, as they are quite nice.

Room size: approx. 22’x14’x7’ ceilings, opening to kitchen.
System – digital, JVC changer or Pioneer PD-65 through Audio Alchemy jitter reducer and DAC
Anthem Integrated 2, ACI Opal mains, Paradigm CC-370 center, Sherwood Receiver for HT.
Music – Chris Whitley, Lyle Lovett, John Hiatt, Allison Krauss, Coldplay, U2, etc.

Lots of speaker building advice
one of the most do-able and repeatable speaker projects you can grab from John Krutke page: John Krutke Projects

Also you can call for catalogue in English (812) 327-0048 to Arkada. This is russian distributor of Vifa, Seas and Scanspeak drivers and kits.
Yukiginger, You could look into getting some Zetagcorp drivers. Go to ebay from here, search Kinima, click G4.They do make a 5" midwoof and 1" tweeter that might fit. The woof is copper magnesium and the tweet is silk. These are excellent drivers and will fit your budget. If you can get them, try to get the xover, posts, fasteners and wires. There is a phone number on ebay you could call for info. If you have any problems, email me.
I looked at those same boxes. Asked Danny Richie about his A/V-1 kit and this was his reply: (more info at and at

"That box is pretty small around the drivers for our A/V-1 kit, but the
space is right on.

You may need to re-cut larger driver holes and a hole in the back for
port and they might just fit.

I will attach a copy of the enclosure plans for the A/V-1 so you can
see if
it is possible to make the necessary modifications to your box."
Thank you all for your help. I am looking into all suggestions. I have contacted Danny at GR and he has been very responsive. I think if any adjustment is needed I might have to enlarge the mid/bass hole. Mine is at 4.75 and his AV-1 plans call for a 4.875. Might be close enough to work. Thanks all.