DIY mesh sleeve

I am looking for a place I can purchase some of the colored mesh sleeving that everyone is using on there cable
Parts express. It's called Tech flex. Comes in all sizes and colors.
I hear Parts Express has this but who knows?
Have you tried Parts Express at http://www.partsexpress? Maybe someone else could chime in and make a suggestion. Any ideas from anyone?
You can try this Canadian online retailer who has quite a good selection of DIY products and have what you are looking for.
You people are worthless! I found them at a better place it's called
There's a new place that sells exactly what you're looking for, it's called PART-SEX-PRESS, they should have everything, don't forget the www. in front.
I would like to recommend, DOH!!!!

Try a place called Parts Express, they have quite a bit of DIY stuff...:>) They got more sleeving then partsexpress.
Go to Home Depot and buy a 50' colored nylon rope - the kind you see rock climbers using. Cut to length and pull out the middle. Then use the colored outer casing as your sleeve. It comes in cool colors (purple, bright green, bright red, yellow).