DIY kits...

Anybody had tried DIY kits for any possible music component from CD/DAC to poweramp(SS or tube) and if yes than how it stands for branded products?

The ones on ebay are designs of Jeff Rowland, Pass, Mac, Marantz etc... could be acquired for the relatively small price compared to branded component and also the electronic parts are great.
There are also only bare PCBs where you can have a greated flexibility to choose brands of electronic parts and chassis(saves on shipping
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I wouldn't want to be the first kid on the block to plunk down money for one of these even though the guy's feedback is 100% positive with lots of buyers. (But if other 'gonners have I'd be interested to know what they've found. I missed seeing these on ebay before).
Am currently listening to a Hagerman Tech. Chime DAC that I put together a month or so back (Grateful Dead - Reckoning, fwiw). Not a cheap kit or a trivial build, but it rocks my world after adding a good 5751 and I don't know what would touch it in value even if you bought it already built. Your mileage may vary.