DIY Jumper Suggestions

I would like to make a DIY jumper cable for my Mirage OMD 28's.  My speaker cables are NBS Omega IV which are already configured in biwire, but the OMD28's have 3 terminals on the back ("tri-wired").  Seeing that the length will be very short, I am able to go "flat out" on these jumpers ie buy some really nice wire.  Does anyone have wire suggestions?  I was either considering a very low gauge (8awg) silver plated military wire or something like Mundorf gold/silver wire.  Any tips appreciated.  Thanks.
One benefit of bi-wiring is keeping the bass current separate from the more nuanced mids and highs.  If you run one of your bi-wire speaker cable pairs directly to the LF terminals and then jump the other pair between the MF and HF posts, then you probably don't need 8 awg wire.  If both pairs of your bi-wire speaker cables use the same gauge wire, then one option would be to match that gauge with your jumpers.  I would pick a type of wire that most closely matches what is in the speaker cables that you like, i.e., stranded or solid core, copper or silver, etc.

I like using a spade at one end and a banana at the other end of jumpers I have made so I do not need to stack spades.  I would not skimp on the connectors and if you purchase connectors that offer a set-screw  connection option, you can always use them again if you want to try different wire.  Furutech  FP-201 and FP-202 would get the job done.
IMO..... keep it simple to retain optimal synergy ...., full stop.

Go invest in the same brand / same model OEM factory jumpers 

Anything less is a full compromise with added unknown risks that you already know;  as evidenced by the existence of your post in the first place.
Dead soft .999 silver 8awg or 10awg round wire from Rio Grande on-line. No degradation associated with spades or solder joints. The 8awg has the right stiffness to hold a complete curve around the binding post.
How about pre out/ amp in jumpers for integrated amps (eg NAD)?
use solid copper wire 8awg links. Most of Home Depot stores won't even charge dime for those 2 tiny little links.
I would go with the same brand cable.  I had bad luck mixing speaker cables on a pair of bi-wired speakers.  The mids and highs seemed disconnected from the bass.
Cool !  Will report back.  Mitch:  stacking spades is no bueno?
Avoiding spade stacking is just my preference so I don't end up with bent spade connectors.  If your plan is to do it once then leave it alone, stacking them should be fine.  I move stuff around too much so don't like to be bothered with it.  Since I make all my own wire now, I connect everything to two spades at the amp end.  Just made a set of bi-wire speaker cables with 2, 9awg runs to each speaker so needed to connect 6awg of wire to a single spade at the amp end.  Furez spades from Douglas Connection worked great.  I used Furutech at the speaker end.
Clear Day Cables make a great jumper cable. They are solid silver and so affordable you might as well just try them out and besides Paul offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Tried Nordost jumpers that were much more and felt the Clear Days were just as good if not better. You can spend a lot more but good luck on that.