Diy interconnects RCA connectors.

I've made some pretty good sounding interconnects using Furutech FP126g RCA connectors. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with KLE harmony RCA connectors,or other higher quality ones under $100. a set.
I just ordered the entry level KLE Copper Harmony rca connectors and will be building a cable using them. I suspect they will sound very different from the Furutech FP126g.
I'm also wondering if anyone has experience using different brands of pure silver,solid core,wire. So far I've tested the Jupiter silver in cotton and silk casings,and the Neotech upocc silver in teflon. I believe the Jupiter is more open,and the slight "tizz" or haze isn't there. The Neotech might have produced slightly more midbass/bass presence,but my Emotiva system and Energy RC-70 speakers might not be quite good enough to make a more accurate comparison.

You should try the Connex / DH Labs solid core wire. Perfectly natural.

I read somewhere that transitioning from metal to metal has some measurable (if very small) effect on signal transmission in audio, so I try to keep to 1 metal through out my connectors.

Parts Connexion is having a sale, especially on the top-end silver KLE connectors. :)


Thanks Erik,but the interconnects I make are using different metal conductors to start with. I've had pure silver wire interconnects,with silver plated rca's and I didn't like the sound at all.Sure it was clearer than copper,but it was very thin sounding. And the bass? Oh it went low and was fast,but it very little,if any impact and presence. It went too low where you could barely hear anything,but could feel it slightly. My Emotiva system is "thin"sounding to begin with. I've heard some reviewers who have much more experience than I comment that Emotiva's amps and preamps are designed that way to imitate more of the Krell sound. I don't have any experience with Krell so I couldn't say.
So,I've been making cables with a combination of upocc copper and silver,both solid core wires. I also have occ 24kt gold plated wire to throw in the mix. I've been experimenting with different guages of wire, and ratios of silver vs copper(copper/gold plated),and am still in the process of learning.

The thing is,many "audiophiles" are into classical,light jazz,or vocals. They're also into tube amps/preamps,and vinyl records. I'm not,none of that interest me. I now realize that much of the advice given here,and on audio asylum,is in the context of listening to the kind of music I referred to.
I listen to classic rock,electric blues,celtic,goth symphonic metal,country,and pop. Pretty much everything else except classical,jazz,or opera.The cables I've been making are for my system specifically. But I'm sure I can make some that would sound good for anyone elses if I knew what they were looking for. Years ago,I bought a pair of Audiometallurgy GA-0 cables here on auction. They had the wbt connector upgrade. I saw a number of great reviews here,and other places,so I went for it and got them for $175. For me,only having budget cables,these sounded good,the best I had. I know they sell for over $500 now. I sold them after I built my own cables. Mine were better. Much more clear,and a equivalent soundstage,and just as smooth.

I looked at the connex wire and it is stranded silver plated copper. I think it's basically cheap milspec wire. It's not even occ copper as far as I can tell.But I have an PNF audio Icon interconnect which is stranded occ copper that is silver plated. I thought it was good when I got it.A bit better than the Audioquest or Straightwire interconnects I was used to. They were cheap,and so I thought it was worth what I paid for them here on Audiogon.
But from my experience,and research,I don't think silver plated stranded wire sounds good. I like solid core wire for a number of reasons.
If you're really into this hobby,it's worth the time to learn how to solder,and and then build your own interconnects.I can't believe there are people who would spend more than a 1k for an interconnect,but I've never been really rich.
Thanks for your reply Erik.
Maybe the times are bad,or things are changing,but I don't see as many small garage startup ventures as there used to be on Audiogon in the past.
Maybe I'll take a chance and build some extra cables to offer them here and see what happens.

You looked at the wrong cable. :) They have two. One is stranded and plated, the other is NOT stranded and solid silver.

I don't think Emotiva is deliberately tuned. It's just incredibly thin sounding to my ears. I bought a processor ages ago to evaluate it, hoping it would replace my 10 year old Theta and the Theta absolutely spanked it. Emotiva sounded like inexpensive Asian made processor/receivers do to me.

Perhaps this has changed recently, but I don't see myself revisiting that.


As Erik mentions, Connex/DH Labs BL-Ag bulk IC cable is pure silver wire with teflon dielectric. Top quality materials that sound fine with KLEI silver RCAs, with R&R or whatever.
Be warned, the solid core stuff is fragile.


Ok,I see what your talking about. My experience with silver wire is that the smaller 28 or 26 awg brings out the highs better.The last pair of Ic's I made I tried the 23 awg Jupiter wire. The soundstage was brought more forward as the midrange bloomed. Another thing,I don't want to use just silver alone.For me,I like the combination of silver and copper,and even the amtrans 24kt gold plated occ copper. My Energy RC speakers are quite laid back. I'm trying to get a bit more brightness out of them.Especially at lower volumes because I live in a duplex and my neighbor complains. But since I like a lot of classic rock,pure silver doesn't sound natural to me. I don't know if most audiophiles can tell the difference between electric guitars and amplifier combos. But with my background of playing,I know what guitar brands and amps sound like. Pure copper seems to be the most natural sounding,but it can also be dull and lifeless.
I know a lot of people like the warm tubey analog sound. The gold plated occ copper wire produces this in my Emotiva system. It also could be heard in a Yamaha and Harmon Kardon receiver I tried it on. The speakers being used were considerably brighter than mine. The bookshelves were the Ed Frias kit using Peerless drivers. I did hear a couple of my cables on a Parasound A21/P5 combo,with B&W 805's. Since that's the most expensive system I've heard for more than a few hours,my experience is limited when it comes to really high end equipment.

Thanks for the info,but from what I've read from other cable diy guys,the higher awg silver solid core wires do produce an excessive midrange bloom. This is great for a center channel cable in a HT setup,which I'm keeping one of the cables for,the other I'm going to take apart.
This connex wire looks like it might be suited for a  xlr balanced cable design. Am I wrong? I've never used balanced cables before.
Somewhere on another blog,somebody mentioned the Cardas bare silver solid core sounded better than the Jupiter silver I've been using.
But he didn't say how or why.

One last thing. I spent about 2k for my Emotiva system. I have an Xpa-2 gen2,an Xsp-1 gen2 (breaking in right now),and an ERC-3 cd player.
In the past I've had two Carver amps,an Adcom GFA555 mkii/GFP710 pre,and a B&K st140. The Emotiva sysem sounds much better to my ears.
I've compensated for the thinner sound by using heavier guage speaker wires (Neotech 3004/Audioquest type 4 combo),and using heavier awg interconnects. The interconnects I'm making are 19 or 18 awg.
Maybe my next step will be building a high end speaker from a kit. The Zaph Bitfrost has my attention. In the past I played around with replacing stock commercial speakers drivers(Pioneer,Polk,Dahlquist,etc) with good heavy mdf cabinets.I used Vifa,Peerless,and Morel components. The results were eye opening,or I should say ear opening. But there's not a lot of info out there about diy kit speakers. I searched youtube with limited results. I guess my problem is like many. I want a Black Angus meal on a McDonalds budget.