diy interconnect recipe?

what would the masses prefer when making interconnects,twisted,braided,around some tube ,in tube,copper,silver,silver coated copper,cheap rca plugs or wbts.28 gauge,20 gauge im trying to get idears of what has worked with others,and a good supply source
there's tons of stuff out there...

me personally, i'm using the JR designs for balanced cables from DIY twisted pairs, and the cc89259 speaker cables.

i replaced my transparent audio Ultra xl's with them. Driving Martin Logan speakers (ReQuest, and theater i) and krell/plinius electronics.

do some searches on the audioasylum cable forum

also look at Jon Risch's (JR) site


when you get close to thinking about what sounds like a good first thing to try

there are lots of sources
Some Beldon wire, some decent RCA, WBT is Audio Jewlery(overkill) copper. Silver solder. Shrink wrap, and away you go.
I had pretty good success with 24 ga. high purity solid silver wire in individual Teflon tubes. I used 7 wires in a very loose braid - 3 for the signal, 4 for the return. These were terminated with copper Eichmann Bullet plugs (the silver ones were not available at the time) using decent solder, and I used no covering or shielding (OK for my area - maybe not for your's).

They are surprisingly robust, but take a little while to break in - I sped up the process with a Hagerman Fry Kleaner.

If you decide to go with silver solder [not really necessary] make sure that it is for electronics and not for jewelry.

In lead/tin solder, rosin core makes the job a whole lot easier. You may also want to pick up some flux paste, which cleans the wire, and makes the soldier flow better, Be sure that the flux is rosin and NOT acid flux, which is used for plumbing, and not for electronics work.