DIY In wall cable : What do installers use?

I am running cable in the basement before my contractor puts the walls in. I am looking for the type of cable that a hifi guy would put in if I had this work contracted out.

My dad is saying go to radioshack and just buy something there, but wanted to get a legit comment on what installers actually put in. Comment on receptacles/wall boxes that people use would be nice.

I'm not sure, but I believe the fire codes require a certain type of cable be used for in-wall and I don't think you can install the typical high-end brands people use. You need to find this out before you set the house on fire.
1. have all possible types of Belden wire with proper parameters for in-wall.
If we are talking about in wall speaker cable, Canare 4s11 is a good choice:
thanks ordered belden 14awg. parts express is very reasonable. thanks.