I now have had a cabinet built for my components that is recessed into the wall. I can access them from a back room. My idea is to make my own ICs so that I can make them the exact length necessary. Some will be quite short, ranging from 1 foot to two meters. I want to know which is your favorite DIY IC raw cable and DIY RCA connectors. I will make custom lengths and can re-do and re-size if needed in the future but my idea is to keep them as short as possible. In the past I have preferred solid core pure copper coax type cable with silver solder, but I am open minded and will consider any and all types of cables and connectors. Thanks.
I've been experimenting with cable designs a lot lately. I've been most successful using solid-core silver plated copper in a braid. I do a normal three-way braid but with 2 24 AWG runs for each leg of the braid (look up Kimber's KCTG to see how it looks). I've done this with teflon coated silver plated copper, unplated silver, and unplated copper. For the non-plate builds, I used bare wire and ran it through oversized teflon tubing, sealing the tubing to the wire with F4 silicon tape. I found that I prefered the cables with 2 wires for the conductor and 4 for the return. I have an extra run I made that I'm not using if you want to try out the design yourself.
What about DH Labs BL-1 Series II wire? The price for bulk unterminated cable is quite wallet friendly and the cable has been well reviewed for quite some time.

Thanks for the ideas. Still a work in progress.
I've used the BL-1 before as well. I think it's really good if you really need shielding.
Mine are made from Neotech. Connectors include Vampire, Wbt and some that came from former MAS cables.
What happens to the shield? Do you add it to the negative connector at one end, both ends or let it float? Thanks
Most will float the ground at the terminal end and ground it at the source end.