DIY? How to get feet wet?

I've read, in a number of threads in the analog forum, about the Bottlehead Products.

By nature I'm a tinkering kind of guy, but I'm young and when it comes to audio I've always let the pro's handle it for me -- really to avoid throwing money away.

The Seduction pre-amp is claimed to be an easy build, but I have no electrical engineering experience at all. How do I get my feet wet with this? How would I ever be able to learn if its for me with out actually trying to do it, rather than read about it?

Any suggestions, or stories?

Take a peek at they have an amplifier section there. You can learn about kits that people have built, what they sound like, and mistakes to avoid.
The Bottlehead Seduction really is pretty easy to build. The instructions are step by step and easy to follow. Even if you screw it up, there are plenty of people who could fix it, so it's not like it could never be used if you mess it up. The Bottlehead forum on their website is EXCELLENT for help. The Bottlehead community is wonderful for advice. BTW, the Seduction is MARVELOUS!!!
Find someone local who can review your work before you power on the unit. That may save you some frustration.

I made my first diode AM radio from scratch when I was 11. If you can read, you can do it. I don't know how young you are. But if you are in your early teens, it is a good idea to get someone watch over you too.
I just built the winsome lab mouse amplifier, very easy to build and sounds great to boot. All you need to know is how to work a solder iron. I suggest just practice on a old pc card.
Just to clarify - the Bottlehead Seduction is a phono preamp. Their regular preamp is the Foreplay.